Who Needs Coworking Space?

Who usually works in coworking spaces? If you think the only people working in a coworking space are startup owners or people with tech-related jobs, or even people who are just millennials and gen z, then you're probably wrong. What makes a coworking space fun is the fact that you'd come across a lot of different people from different backgrounds, so there's endless possibility. There are many people working in a coworking space, ranging from different age groups to different jobs. Here is a list of the people in a coworking space that you might probably see!


Freelancers, Freelancers Everywhere

You're likely to see this one more often than most people you're going to see in a coworking space, the reason you're going to see those people most is that they're just nomadic, they're moving from place to place to find the right workplace. Many locations you can find them are either in a coffee shop, restaurants, but mostly in a room for coworking. Okay, that's the fun of being a freelancer, everywhere you like to put your laptop on and just anywhere you’d like to work to let one’s creativity flow. But most of all freelancers wanted to search for their perfect spot. Where they can be comfortable in their surrounding. That makes it even interesting for a freelancer to work in a coworking space is the chance for them to get a real full-time job as there are a lot of companies searching for creative young people to work for them in a shared workspace.


Investors and Venture Capitalists

What makes a coworking space great is the fact that you would have plenty of opportunity to get to know other people, including potential investors and venture capitalists to fund your business. But why would they find themselves in a coworking space? Well, the answer is actually very easy, loads of startups are looking for a room to grow inside a coworking space, and that's what makes a coworking space the ideal shooting spot for hunting investors. Yes, investors and venture capitalists are what makes a great, convenient coworking space for them and the startup owners alike.


Students, Yes… Students!

No, you didn't read that one wrong, there are certainly plenty of times where students can be found in a coworking space, so why would they go there first? We didn't really mean students like we mean students in high school, what we really mean is students like students in college. College students often get their assignments done within a coworking space. It is where they do their research papers, assignments and Thesis.

But again, why would they go into a coworking space, that's just the same reason we usually don't work at home, too many distractions. Right? However, you can't simply refill your coffee if you go to a coffee shop, you have to buy them over and over again. Okay, this is not happening in a coworking space as you'd get free coffee flow and even snacks to accompany you while you're working.

Victory Workspace Walnut Creek Coworking Space
By JeffreymendelImage Courtesy of Jeffrey Nash - Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

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