What Is A Shared Workspace And Why Do You Need One?


What Are Shared Workspaces?

With flexible work options and alternative work arrangements become more popular, new and different ideas keep on sprouting and taking hold. Shared workspaces are one such alternative which is continuing to grow in popularity. It leaves wondering other people, what exactly are shared workspaces?

Such modern collaboration environments, called virtual workspaces or coworking offices, are in reality taking many forms and are being used in many different environments. Some are digitally used while others are actual real spaces. In some ways, the shared workspace is used by more than one person at a time, while a different alternative is a space shared by many at different times.

Here are four different examples of shared workspaces.

Physical & Collaborative: Physically collaborative shared workspaces, also known as co-working spaces, are spaces created in an office that give employees the ability to work more closely together. This shared workspace option also pops up across the country as a way for startups to have office space without the trouble of setting up their own from the ground up.

Physical & Shared: This type of shared workspace involves spaces that are shared, but used on an individual basis, by multiple people. Speak of it almost as a time-share for office space, instead of vacation rentals. The room can be used by several different people at different times, and for different purposes. This is a great option for remote workers trying to get out of their homes.

Virtual & Collaborative: Virtually interactive, shared workspaces are resources and environments that virtual workers use to communicate in real-time together. Such types of digital workspaces could include virtual meetings, whiteboards, videos, and any interactive collaboration space in real-time.

Virtual & Shared: The collaborative workplace is a simulated world where you can share information with colleagues. While the room is interactive, it is not used in a collective manner but rather shared, used, and handled as individuals. A common example of this shared workspace type is a practically shared spreadsheet like Google Drive for example.

What’s in it for me?

There are many advantages to getting a spot in a coworking space. In reality, a study by the Harvard Business Review found that in their professional careers, professionals working in coworking spaces thrived higher than their peers in the conventional offices.

The reason, they found out, had less to do with the physical environment of the coworking space itself, and more with the intangible, and less-direct benefits of working in one.

  • The work is more meaningful

People working in coworking spaces usually have more say over what they focus on–the tasks they manage, the type of clients they encounter, etc. We see more interest in the tasks themselves when they have this flexibility, and they are more likely to accomplish something because they really want the task done, rather than completing it because their managers said so.

  • You have more control of your environment

This workspace has a certain structure that guides the routines of people and keeps them from simply doing what they want. Because you're paying for your spot, you're expected to go back to your coworking space, and actually do some work to get the benefit of your money.

  • There is a better sense of community

Everyone is on the same boat as you in a coworking space, making it easier to communicate with them. Once, the open layout plays a significant role in helping you network, but the overlap in your circumstances often fosters a sense of camaraderie in a classic office setting that you don't always get.

  • It’s better for your budget

You no longer need to buy and equip a room, you can just rent it for as long and as often as you like. If your team can produce your goods at home, and only periodically need to meet to discuss logistics or meet customers, you can rent a coworking space to provide you with everything you need to have a regular, professional meeting.

  • You have work-life balance

You don't have to get-up for work if you are needed during the weekends or the holidays. And you're able to go out and have fun whenever you have nothing on the plate. You can say goodbye to the dreaded early morning shifts if you're a night owl and instead sleep as long as you want, and start working only when you are ready to open your laptop.


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