What Do Coworking Spaces Offer?


Co-Working Space Offers Many Possibilities

Sharing workspace is one of the best ways to get access to a good, interesting office ambiance which is really inexpensive. That can be done in many different ways.

For one, unused office space can be sublet. Let's assume if a company starts downsizing their business or leasing unnecessary rooms, then they might have an extra room or two that they don't use. The space would only be available for an unusual amount of time— until the lease runs out unless it is renewed.

You'd also need to share with the current office public spaces such as the entrance area, the office kitchen and the bathrooms. But you can hope to rent out sublet space very cheaply for all these tradeoffs. And since not everyone will consider sublet space, there is often plenty of room to negotiate.


Co-Working Centers Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Another possibility which is becoming increasingly "soft" is a traditional workspace, also called a co-working center. These are especially popular in tech centers like San Francisco, New York and Boston for entrepreneurs.

You may usually rent "keys" to a co-working space, or rent a private office. Usually, you do not have a specific space assigned when renting access and you set up your laptop computer at whatever seat is available at a large table next to people working on other businesses. Telephone booths and conference rooms are normally available upon booking.

You share with other workers the communal kitchen space, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, printer access and modest other public spaces. Despite large windows, private offices at these centers tend to be small, giving the feeling of being part of the co-working community. These co-working centers are typically designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and inspiration among the various people and businesses that are located there.

The advantage of co-working centers is that they can feel isolated working in a very small business when you're trying to hire your first few employees. But you can feel part of something much bigger if you place them in a co-working space. In fact, you don't have to spend your time on those little things you don't care about beforehand, but you can take a lot of time, like making sure the Wi-Fi works, making sure the heat and a / c are at a standard like people, buying seats, replacing light bulbs, etc.

The downside is if the employee leaves for a month or two on the first day you might be stuck with his or her cost of access. Another potential downside is that workers are easier to get distracted in this setting.


Traditional Short-Term Office Rental Option

More traditional, fully furnished, short-term office rental firms are another possibility. Such businesses rent out fully furnished offices as short as a month at a time for time frames. We prefer to be centrally situated in the business districts. You don't have to go out and buy your office like with the co-working space, and you can rent on a month-to-month basis. You tend not to get the feeling of being in the co-working space that you have in common. Many of the offices are often rented to salespeople from bigger firms or to mid-or large-size firms for overflow space.

In fact, in dealing with these short-term office rental companies, we need to put out a very big caveat. You need to carefully read every word in the contract. Some have experienced making a point of tossing in their sales presentation an automatic renewal clause that they make no mention of. So, for example, when you leased an office from a well-known international short term office rental company for a year, they included a provision that would automatically extend my lease for an additional year if I didn't contact them in writing 90 days prior to the termination date.

Despite these caveats, shared workspace is an interesting set-up that is very affordable.

Victory Workspace Walnut Creek Coworking Space
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