What Can You Expect From A Flexible Workspace?


Welcome to a future of more versatility! While the startup and contract economies continue to grow internationally, the demand for flexible office is also expected to pick up rapidly. Let's not mention that the industry's big boys like IBM, UBS, and Facebook have joined the crowd. This is a telltale sign that demand is likely to pick up from the big companies. A flexible workspace is a leaner option for modern Small Medium Businesses ( SMEs) than a traditional system. Flexible workspaces, in comparison, are far more flexible, affordable, and readily available. One benefit for large companies that lie in the hub and spoke model, meaning that their workers may operate outside their organization's borders.

The price and location are arguably the 2 most important factors to consider when moving into a traditional office space. However, there is much more to it when considering a flexible workspace than this. And let's go through a few critical things without further ado, while moving into a flexible workspace!

Types of Flexible Workspace

In fact, the term flexible workspace is very large, and it consists of different types of workspace. Nevertheless, the definition follows a common trend of being versatile in a shared space, plug-and-play, and therefore typically with a shorter-term contract. Admittedly, for people who are used to a traditional definition of office space, it can get very complicated and therefore beckons the question- "what space is right for my company?" It's hard to answer because it really depends on the company.

Generally speaking, below are the commonly used terms and scenarios in brief:

  • Hot desk / Dedicated desk

Renting a (hot/dedicated) coworking desk is ideal for a freelancer, nomadic entrepreneurs, and even a smaller team of 3-4 people who are willing to conduct their business remotely. This is a perfect match for example to a graphic designer, copywriter, or digital marketing agency. It's a fairly low cost alternative and gives you the chance to be part of the community and meet new people and maybe even customers!

  • Coworking Space (private office)

A coworking space is best suited for businesses that want a more collaborative culture that only requires basic infrastructure such as fast-speed internet, storage and a simple pantry. But these days, coworking spaces have a far more inclusive product than they did back in the days. Usually, coworking spaces often need lower costs and dedication as opposed to serviced offices. It is important for smaller tech-based companies that are growing in numbers.

  • Serviced Office

A serviced office is suitable for businesses requiring extensive administrative support and a quiet, professional environment in which to work. The natural fit would be a day-to-day law firm or consultancy firm dealing with corporate clients.

  • Virtual Office

The Virtual Office is the most cost-effective solution for business offices. A variety of packages are available that allow your company to have a dedicated landline, professional live receptionist, corporate mailing address, and voice mailbox. It may be a solution for companies needing an expanded office in another country or companies just beginning and tightening up on the budget.

Victory Workspace Walnut Creek Coworking Space
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