What Are The Features Of A Virtual Office?


A virtual office is a workplace solution, including a physical mailing address, that you can rent to help make your company or small business appear bigger and more developed. It also offers additional services, such as a local telephone number, receptionist or physical office space and/or meeting and conference rooms, which you can rent by the hour and use to create a positive impact on your clients

There is a range of features that businesses can benefit from when using virtual office services.  Listed below are some of the characteristics, along with their associated benefits, of why a company should use a virtual office:

Telephone answering.

The telephone answering service offered by a virtual office allows businesses of any size to route their calls to a virtual office and to respond in their company name to skilled and knowledgeable PA's.  For any large company, this service provides great peace of mind as they can be sure that every call is answered promptly and professionally. Calls can then be sent to the staff member concerned in the same manner as the receptionist would do.  Alternatively, a message may be received and forwarded to the correct staff member or department by text or e-mail. It helps employees to work undisturbed, thereby increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Regular, weekly and monthly reports reviewing calls made by a virtual office can be a very useful service to businesses, but in particular to marketing departments that may want to control the success of their marketing initiatives.

Call responding 24/7.

Many businesses, because of the nature of their business, need to respond to their calls 24/7.  Many virtual offices provide a telephone answering service out of office hours and on weekends. This can be particularly useful, as it can be difficult and costly to have staff working on these rotors.

When personal assistants in the virtual office are acquainted with call handling techniques, they become a valuable resource for any size of the company.  Using a virtual mobile answering service means that companies never have a problem with sick leave or holiday leave.

Business address

A virtual office offers a professional business address that clients can use on their websites and marketing materials.  In addition, any mail received from clients in the virtual office may be forwarded to clients or, if the client resides locally, they may prefer to call to collect their mail.  In some cases, clients can require that their mail be opened and scanned and e-mailed to them.

Another function that can be offered by a virtual office is that checks collected in the mail for their clients can be deposited with the bank.  Business address service is of particular benefit to business owners who do not need a business concept as part of their business operations. It is also very cost-effective when compared to the cost of renting the premises.  At the end of the day, the virtual office address offers the small business owner a professional address for their company and thus improves its business profile.

Personalized Voicemail For Calls Out of Hours.

Personalized voicemail is a feature that is very useful to businesses.  A personalized voicemail greeting message is recorded announcing the company name and asking the caller to leave the message. The caller's message is then sent to the designated employee in MP3 format and they can then listen to the caller's message.  Any calls that are urgent can then be returned.


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