What Are The Different Types Of Office Layout?


No matter what your company needs, the organization has an office layout to match. Learn which work environment would work best for you ...

A great office design has a layout that helps to increase the morale and efficiency of the employees. There are several styles to consider when creating a floor plan to get the most effective setup to suit your business needs. You may need to adapt to your workflow, aesthetic style, specific amenity requirements or the type of work you 're doing.

Read on for our 5 top office layouts and their benefits…

An entirely open space with hotdesking

Open plan layouts are more popular with businesses now than ever before. This type of space, eliminating the typical cubicles and separate personal offices, encourages communication and movement across the enterprise. Businesses with "flat" hierarchy, or those that need everyone to pull together for fast turnarounds, can benefit better from this office. For smaller businesses, it is an inexpensive choice and can be lighter and clearer due to the lack of dividing walls. Of course, when someone wants a degree of privacy there will always be the occasional case, so it is important to establish some private space whenever possible.

A space divided into private offices

If you have a company that needs sensitive chats or your employees have a set hierarchy, you may gain more from a room separated into separate offices. For one-on-one meetings and confidential conversations, a workspace that is divided into many private offices is easier. If you are looking for something that's quiet and offers your customers and workers a safe space to chat in, you might prefer this office plan option.

A cubicle office

Need a little more privacy but don't want to miss out on working together with the teams? This type of office layout is built around cubicles, with desks spread around the office space for individual privacy. If you have a couple of small teams, you can arrange the cubicles into arrangements for two or four people as well. This design is perfect for companies that require different spaces for teams to work, and for uninterrupted work by individual workers.

An open office with sections for teams

Want space to brainstorm your squad, but are you keen to keep things open? The team-focused workspace, much like the open office layout with hotdesking, is designed for collaboration between different sets of people. You can focus on your teams by creating team enclosures, dividing the office area into dedicated spaces, complete with tables and storage for each section of your business. It is a perfect combination of shared space and office, making team work, and productivity a priority.

A coworking space

Running an operation but need not have an entire office for yourself? Some businesses do not require a full space for themselves and may benefit from a working environment with other businesses. The best way to meet the flexible, changing needs of new businesses with variable numbers of employees could be to rent desks or a specific work area from a co-working space.

No matter what type of workspace you select, one primary element is natural lighting, which has been shown to increase efficiency and make workers happier.

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