Wardlaw Dog Park

1805 Ascot Pkwy, Vallejo, CA, US, 94590


The dog park is 2.2 acres in size and completely fenced in Blue Rock Springs Corridor Park. Young. Blue Rock Springs Park has a 2 mile walking path where you can take your leashed dog.

This park opened at this location in May 2006. This includes two separately fenced areas: a small one for elderly and timid dogs, and a much larger fenced one for young dogs enjoying romping and socializing. Dog owners can consider joint watering / washing facilities with good drainage receiving multiple care before reaching the storm drainage system. All the users will be provided with multiple picnic areas around the site. The site includes a toilet, a bridge to the Blue Rock Springs River, and a concession-trailer parking lot.

They would definitely like to consider visiting this park for dog lovers, because of the benefits you can see here. They are well-maintained.  Most poop bags, trash cans, tables, benches, shade trees and squirrels can be seen. The small dog side is wide enough for kids to run parallel to big dogs comfortably or play away from big dogs with each other.  Big dog side has a good perimeter path to walk while doggies play-1/4 mile around so easy to track progress and easy to see the whole park while walking to keep track of pups. Unlike many dog parks, this one has plenty of well tended grass.  The greatest drawbacks are occasional gopher's holes and sandy puddles on rainy days.

Dog owners can consider joint watering / washing facilities with effective drainage which will undergo multiple treatments before reaching the storm drainage system. All the users will be equipped with several picnic areas around the facility. The site contains a restroom, a bridge to the Blue Rock Springs Corridor and a concession trailer car park. This park has been built using "the best of the best" from other facilities around the state.

The area itself is 5-stars in terms of being clean and spacious. Fresh water is always available with plenty of shaded seating for the dog parents.

To visit the awesome park, take exit Redwood Pkwy East from I-80. Turn right into the park at Ascot Parkway.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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