Murwood Elementary

2050 Vanderslice Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


Murwood is a transitional kindergarten (TK) for 365 children in the through Walnut Creek neighborhood to fifth grade elementary school. Murwood represents our community's best in being a beautifully diverse school, situated in a neighborhood of the middle class. History says Murwood is located on land donated by two families exchanging surnames to create the "Murwood" logo. Murwood is a richly diverse community containing all of Walnut Creek's socioeconomic aspects. We welcome students from portions of Alamo, residential communities of Walnut Creek, and the large community of Creekside which brings us families from all over the world. Murwood is often their first United States contact

Murwood School's family, community and staff should grow literate, outstanding learners who are highly motivated, imaginative and sensitive, in a child-centered, challenging environment that cultivates character and encourages learning. All students in the middle-school grades will leave Murwood Elementary School prepared for success.

Murwood is a good community. The teachers, the principal, parent volunteers, and so on tend to inspire parents. Most of their kids feel safe and happy to attend Murwood, and continue to thrive there. Parents feelĀ  lucky that their kids will attend such an amazing public school. This school addresses homework effectively. They use technology by offering free online access to educational programs where they win certificates. Their homework books are complements to what they've been reading and studying in college. Their homework books are similar to what they have read and learned in college. Also, the school develops strong character, such as integrity, compassion and respect, in its students. All of the teachers are working hard to instill those values.

The Murwood Advisory Council (MAC) is a council that governs Murwood School at the school site. The body is composed of six staff members, six parents and the principal of the school. MAC is responsible for assisting in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) growth, implementation, and evaluation.

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All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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