Bancroft Elementary

1936 Carlotta Drive, Concord, CA 94519


If education were an art gallery, then certainly Bancroft Elementary School would be placed in a series of masterpieces. Viewing the canvas of Bancroft would be a fascinating and nuanced experience of seeing the visible canvas as well as the still unseen framework that produced this artwork. The vibrant colors reflect a diverse student population, each participant alive with their own personal hue, only possible because the artists (parents, teachers, support systems, and community) will settle for nothing short of the best personal combination of red (Rigorous Standards), blue (Curriculum, Instruction and Parent and Community Involvement) and yellow (Assessment and Accounts) for each student. The layers of methodology (Leadership and Collaboration), preparation (Professional Development and Parent Education), contrast (Diversity), mixed textures and use of unique ways (Family and Student Support), and harmony (Safe and Healthy School Environment and Culture) are intrinsic to the show. Our school vision is the strong yet versatile frame that proudly displays our masterpiece, promotes services, and encourages ongoing and potential improvements and upgrades based on achievement for all learners.

Their mission is to make Bancroft integrate comprehensive Common Core, standard-based curriculum and practices with 21st Century skills (Collaboration, Communication, Teamwork, Creativity) that actively involve all students while reviewing and tracking student achievement data to track and maintain development. The Bancroft Elementary School English / Spanish Two Way Dual Immersion Learning Program provides an early immersion program aimed at developing the initial comprehension of students in the immersion language while strengthening their understanding of their mother tongue. The emphasis of curriculum and instructional design is on content, life skills and cultural skills along with plans for thinking internationally and acting locally to develop the attitude people of the 21st century.

All learning is done in an environment of healthy, supportive and productive schooling that encourages community involvement, personal responsibility, mutual respect and appreciation for others.

The goals of the school are to increase student achievement Increase organizational performance and effectiveness, maintain a safe, supportive and productive school atmosphere Improve the sense of responsibility of students with life skills, provide a smooth transition from grade to middle school, maintain parental involvement, commitment and ongoing communication, and maintain teacher preparation and professional development. They are committed to have a good service for the community and the students they encounter.

This amazing school is located near these other top-notch schools in Walnut Creek, California:

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All of these wonderful schools are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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