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Off-Leash Dog Parks


Dog parks have varying facilities but typically offer a 4 ' to 6 ' fence, separate double-gated entrance and exit points, adequate ventilation, human benches, shade for hot days, near-site parking, sanitation, pooper-scooper for collecting and disposing of animal waste in enclosed trash cans, and regular maintenance and cleaning of the grounds. Wheelchair entry, a swimming pool and a separate small dog enclosure can also be offered by dog parks..

Many dog parks have different playing areas, both for big and small dogs. Others have one vast area for dogs of all sizes. This subject is under debate, as some think dogs should be divided by size, while others think dogs of all sizes can and should socialize together.

Off-leash dog areas, or dog parks, provide a shared environment where people can relax, socialize and watch the activity between dog groups at play. Dog parks make it possible for owners and their pets to spend time together, giving dogs a place for playing and being with others. Leashes may transform dogs (which are territorial animals) into territorial animals. It is good for dogs to roam free.

Extra benefits to the community from a dog park include encouraging responsible dog ownership, as well as welcoming dogs and their owners in a public open area that has been shown to lead dog owners to higher levels of compliance with relevant legislation.

The advantages of dog training are well known, although if owners are not vigilant or cautious, dogs will learn and perpetuate bad behaviours.

Communities re-purpose off-season ponds, ice rinks, hockey rinks and tennis courts as temporary dog parks as a cost-effective, functional and easy way to solve a problem. Municipalities allow flexibility in zoning and/or tax incentives, and waiver of responsibility for these.

Cesar Millan, the "Dog Whisperer," recommended not to use the dog park as a replacement for a daily walk. He thinks the owners should briskly walk their dogs for 35 minutes to calm them down before having them unleashed inside a dog park enclosure. Highly socialized and trained dogs are safer, happier and behaviorally less aggressive. They are less likely to bark or be disruptive or violent if they can relieve pent-up energy when playing or exercising regularly.

Developing a dog park can create tension within a community when residents are concerned about noise, smell and traffic.

Off leash dog parks are amazing for letting your fur-baby run free! On the following pages we have included a breakdown of the best must-see dog parks near Walnut Creek, California:

  • Heather Farm Dog Park
  • Sugarloaf Open Space
  • Shell Ridge Open Space
  • Redwood Regional Park
  • Cesar Chavez Dog Park
  • Alameda Dog Park
  • Wardlaw Dog Park
  • Robert Sibley Volcanic Preserve
  • Paw Patch at Newhall Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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