Alameda Dog Park

8th St & Portola Ave, Alameda, CA, US, 94501


Located in Lower Washington Park at Eighth Street & Portola Road, near where Eighth Street turns into Westline Drive, Alameda, California, is the Alameda Small Dog Park (designated for 30 lbs. and under dogs). The entrance to the parking lot lies off Eighth Avenue, next to the tennis courts. The car parking is free.

The Small Dog Park is filled with water, trees, grass ... and seats! The public restroom lies between the tennis courts and the dog park. There is also a drinking fountain in there.

If you and your little dog want to go for a walk in the small dog park after exercising, there is a very nice walk along the beach at Crown Memorial State Beach, just a short walk from the Small Dog Park.

There are some dog etiquettes to follow when you visit this park:

  • Obey park rules written.
  • Always keep an eye on your dog-it can happen quickly with trouble.
  • Never hold more dogs than you can handle-The cap is about 3.
  • Always put in food or snacks.
  • Let your dog never go unattended.
  • Always keep your dog clean. It's packed with poop bags so use them. This is the primary reason dog parks are getting complaints, so look out and pick up feces.
  • Help us inform other users in the park please.
  • Remove any frames, choke chains in metal or link collars. A tooth or nail might get stuck in this form of collar in the rough and tumble play, resulting in a scared dog, missing dent or broken nail, and probably a panic battle.
  • Be sure your dog is current on all vaccinations like kennel cough bordetella.
  • Don't carry younger dogs to the park for 4 months. They won't have all the inoculations required to allow them to play with other animals safely.
  • Do not bring a female dog in heat.
  • We suggest spayed / neutered animals.
  • If your dog gets agitated or plays rough, then leash him / her and leave the park.

Especially for young pups, it is such a wonderful experience that they need to socialise. The place is safe, it has a variety of terrain (sand and grass), and you can use the toys. There is a lot of seating and shade. People will take dogs to this park almost everyday and make good friends with other owners of pets who share a common bond. Dogs play well and get along very well.

This amazing off leash dog park is located near these other must-see dog parks near Walnut Creek, California:

  • Heather Farm Dog Park
  • Sugarloaf Open Space
  • Shell Ridge Open Space
  • Redwood Regional Park
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  • Wardlaw Dog Park
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  • Paw Patch at Newhall Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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