Top 7 To-Do List Managers



While Todoist has been around for a while, in just the last few years, it has become particularly powerful. This app has a ton of great features allowing you to arrange tasks by date, color-code them, etc.

The free version has fewer features than Wunderlist's free version, but it is incredibly well built and user-friendly. Sub-tasks and dependencies, projects and sub-projects may be developed. Such activities may be attached due dates, prioritized using a color-coding scheme, classified, and more.


Wunderlist allows you to create to-do lists that you can then share with your friends, family or colleagues— who will have their own editing capabilities. And the user experience (UX) isn't getting messy, even when both people are simultaneously working on a list. And checking things off and watching her check things off at the same time, is actually fun.

Sleekly crafted and very user-friendly. Adding and checking off list items is simple and intuitive, as is adding and checking off sub-tasks, adding a due date, adding any reminders that you might want, etc.


Ideally designed to handle team workflows as well as task management. Quick and reactive. The free version supports up to 15 members of your squad. Lovely interface with HTML5. Feature-wealthy.

Asana is skilled in helping teams handle workflows, and is the job's preeminent resource. A thoughtful and elegant architecture, flexible interactive features, and generous allocation of team members in its free version make it one of the most strong productivity applications on the market.


Flexible with plug-in utilities to choose from. Fast to start making use of it. Behaves well with the visual properties.

Basecamp keeps the management of the project straightforward but in some ways too basic. The software remains easy to use and quick to set up, but it isn't nearly as robust as other options for online project management.


Marketcircle, Inc.'s Daylite allows users to handle multiple business aspects from a single application. This prioritizes programs and resources to provide insight over the company's short and long term priorities and organizes and links these goals to daily activities such as contact management, notes, emails, task lists and schedules.

Integration with Mail for MacOS enables emails to be stored as history and translated directly from the email window into actionable things such as tasks and appointments. For each document, history is cataloged and presented as a timeline of interactions which also includes calls, meetings, tasks, and notes.

Inside Daylite, both ventures and sales incentives are manageable. In addition to progress on milestone programs, it tracks potential sales and assigns tasks to each consumer involved.

Work Floxy

WorkFlowy offers a more convenient way to stay coordinated. If you're getting a crazy job or an ambitious project, this is your best To-Do List Manager.


MeisterTask is the most intuitive online project management tool. The customizable project boards ideally adapt to the workflow of your team, whether you're a sprint programmer, a marketing team using the Kanban system, or an event planner searching for a few simple but powerful task lists. Integrations with all of your favorite tools like Slack, GitHub and Zendesk allow you to create a smooth workflow, while smart automation ensures consistent and productive work.

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