Top 4 Email Marketing Solutions


Campaign Monitor

In famous email clients like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many more, Campaign Monitor creates real screens of your email design. It allows for the proper view of your campaigns in all email clients.

Import your own HTML templates using the Campaign Monitor tags to make sure you can use its built-in template editor to edit and customize content in the future. You can upload a number of formats like Excel, tab delimited, and CSV; you can also directly copy/paste content.

Setting autoresponders is fairly easy, and you can use data segmentation to ensure that they are received only by intended users.

One of the key strengths of a Campaign Monitor is the interface. It's completely flimsy and clear.


Mailchimp is more than just a service provider for email marketing. Besides email marketing, all the important features that allow you to turn your visitors into subscribers and customers come with them.

The features of Mailchimp are powerful and affordable to marketers of all sizes, whether you're a blogger, a local business or a company with off-the-charts production. You can create beautiful landing pages, for example, to turn your visitors into subscribers and paid customers.

Connecting Mailchimp to your WordPress website or eCommerce shop is a breeze. There are also hundreds of integrations for software that you already use.

Mailchimp also offers pre-constructed templates and ready-made pages, so you can quickly create professional emails.


Using Mailjet to combine template-based marketing and transactional email sending easily in one online app. Apply to that a bootable consulting service, and you're all set.

The SMTP server and the RESTful API seamlessly integrate with the rest of your applications. Libraries allow you to add Mailjet support in multiple languages to your app, including Python, Ruby and PHP, and integration with Magento, WordPress and much more. You never have to worry about getting lost again, because there is a 24-hour line of help.

Take advantage of the Designer email template or create your own. There are also tools for section lists and for customizing emails with all your contact information. The A / X testing feature allows you to check up to ten different versions of your email before determining which one is the best. To give a complete view, a campaign comparison tool pits the previous campaigns against the current one.

Manage email lists, stats, and templates all within the framework of Mailjet, but ultimately you can determine how you want them to be sent. For example, you can use the UUI of the app to create a campaign or you can use the integration of the API and use a few lines of code to start a structured email campaign for your contacts.


MailKitchen is a web-based, affordable email marketing solution that promises to help any type of business build a newsletter campaign in minutes using its intuitive dashboard. Only add contacts to your list, copy and paste email addresses, synchronize with popular services such as Gmail or upload a database file. You can then use the simple MailKitchen editor tool to build a personalized newsletter from scratch, or you can choose a free template from its library. Once your campaign has been sent, your stats are immediately reported back to you.

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