Top 4 Communication Solutions for Your Team



Slack is where contact between teams takes place. Hiring a new employee, installing some code, updating a sales contract, finalizing next year's budget, calculating an A / B check, preparing the next office opening, and more, Slack has you covered.

New users can find Slack intimidating, particularly when they first join a team that already has its own customs and standards for using the app. When used by large groups, Slack can attract incredible amounts of detritus. "Wait!" you might be thinking, "Isn't that true of all team chat apps?" In a word: No. Some devices don't support emoji, reacji, animated gifs, and videos embedded to the degree that Slack does, and so people use them less frequently. What one person sees as an impediment in any case, others might find joyful. It all comes down to what dynamics the team and priorities are.

It's hard to deny, in an absolute sense, that Slack not only makes communication easier, but also better. The key is to learn where, how to use it and what to expect from it. The Slack applications are now receiving daily updates and enhancements, some of which are notable. For example, a major update in 2019 lets the mobile app load faster and link calls up to 10 times faster, two improvements that were desperately required to make the user experience better. Slack is one of the best team messaging applications, and maybe the most beloved by its users, because it provides more than any other team chat app.


Today's tools for team coordination are much more complex. Gone is the double-bong (and the fear of a HR message calling you in for a chat) In is a set of tools and APIs that transform basic messaging into a full virtual management platform, full with project assignment and monitoring.

HipChat doesn't go that far, but Confluence does, another company made by its maker, Altassian. Nor is it Loose, though it is a cost-effective alternative to it. Alternatively, HipChat focuses solely on message exchanging. Like WhatsApp, it provides space in private rooms for group discussion of topics.

HipChat is a reliable and cost-effective option for scattered teams and intra-office communications.


In scenarios where you need to create an internal social network to connect your employees about what's going on within the company, SocialCast will suit.

You can also use it to improve communication between people, for example by having a specific conversation about some project. There are some basic functionalities like file sharing and chat history that can help you keep track of your activities and progress.

List of things you would like in SocialCast:

  • You can create public spaces separated by subjects of interests and put members inside.
  • Private messages are available to create a privacy between members.
  • You can follow a member to see any thoughts and ideas shared in the social network.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) support. It may help to convince people to adopt the platform
  • The tool used to say "thanks" to another member for some accomplishment is amazing!


Bisner is the most sophisticated platform that offers the simplest way to deal with the challenges of planning and handling events. It enables event organizers to easily schedule, upload, manage their events with apps such as event sharing / posting, texting, groups and analytics. With the features of our platform, organizers can interact easily with their audience, build private groups to connect with their colleagues internally, and use data insights to evaluate and enhance their events.

Pros: It's easy to understand and lightweight, and can comfortably support a wide group. It is easy to book rooms, make announcements and share the details.

Cons: It has many usability concerns in its current state and difficulties with on-boarding new users. There are still minor problems, such as not working buttons, unused classes, incorrect permissions and changes in random permissions. Still a work in progress.

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