The Top 3 Invoicing Software Your Business Needs to Check Out - Updated 2020



Invoice Ninja released in 2014. This boot-strapped business has since gained more than 80,000 customers and developed software that can certainly battle other common invoicing solutions.

Additionally, Invoice Ninja is one of, if not the only invoicing software providing a free open-source version of the program. This version is distributed locally, and can be customized to suit your specific business needs. If you don't want your invoicing program to be self-hosting, there is a cloud-based, SaaS version of Invoice Ninja (which is the subject of much of this review).

Ultimately, for an experienced developer looking for a free self-hosted invoicing option, Invoice Ninja is a winner. With 40 + payment gateways, good customer service, efficient invoicing and a free pricing alternative, the web-hosted alternative also has a lot to do. The app also provides special features such as eCommerce buttons and listening commands like "order now." If we're nitpicky, the UI of the app could use a bit of upgrading and boost the reporting and time tracking capabilities. But the pros certainly outweigh the few contras in this situation.


  • Easy to use
  • Numerous payment gateway integrations
  • Good customer support
  • Attractive invoice templates
  • Free open source software
  • Free SaaS pricing plan


  • Limited reports
  • No inventory
  • Developer skills required for self-hosting


Smoice is the invoicing system, which helps service providers to create invoices by just pressing a button. Charts can be found on various organizational profiles and on Hubs sites, depending on availability of data.


QuickBooks Online is one of the most recognized accounting software. But it's not only to track your expenses and earnings; it's also a fantastic tool for making invoices and accepting payments.

QuickBooks Online provides plans for small companies and freelancers alike. The self-employed package, built for freelancers and other single-person companies, includes easy invoicing and payment processing, as well as transaction monitoring, cost monitoring and tax estimate.

QuickBooks Online Small Business plans provide all Self-Employed Offers and more comprehensive features such as handling 1099 employees, monitoring inventory and bill management. And for an additional monthly cost, you can add self-managed or full-service payroll.

QuickBooks provides some of the lowest fees of any payment processing platform on this list, besides helping you generate invoices, accept payments and track your expenses. Per-transaction fees are $0.05 lower than most other payment gateways, and you can approve ACH bank transactions with a processing fee of 1 percent (capped at $10 each). When making invoices, you can also avoid credit card payments to ensure that you are not charged fees when the customers pay.

QuickBooks price:

$15/month for self-employed QuickBooks; $25/month for a Simple Start plan which includes invoicing, payment processing, sales and sales tax monitoring.

Processing fees for credit / debit card purchases on invoices: 2.9 percent + $0.25 per transaction

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