John F. Kennedy University

100 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


John F. Kennedy University is a nonprofit, private university with a San Jose branch campus in Pleasant Hill, California. It was founded in 1965 to focus on providing continuing non-traditional higher education opportunities. Enrollment is about 1,600 (as of autumn 2010) with no campus accommodation. In addition to approximately 60 full-time professors, the staff consists of over 700 adjunct faculty serving in their subject areas.

There are three colleges at JFK University: business and technical education, psychology and clinical studies, and law. The university also has a Continuing Education branch and an Entrepreneurial Leadership Center.

JFKU became an affiliate of the National System of Universities in April 2009. As an autonomous University, JFK University maintained its reputation, identity and accreditation.


College of Business and Professional Studies

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges is accredited by the John F. Kennedy University College of Undergraduate Studies. The college offers diploma, undergraduate and graduate programs including a JD-MBA Dual Degree and MBA.

College of Psychology and Holistic Studies

The College of Psychology and Holistic Studies at JFK University offers certificates as well as Master's and Doctoral degrees.

College of Law

John F. Kennedy University College of Law offers both a four-year, part-time, and three-year, full-time law school program leading to the Juris Doctor degree. The College is accredited by the State Bar of California's Board of Bar Examiners but is not approved by the American Bar Association.

Accreditation by the California Bar Examiners Committee requires students of the John F. Kennedy University College of Law to take the California Bar Examination upon graduation and to practice law anywhere in the state, both in California and in federal courts, when the applicant passes and complies with certain admission criteria. Studying at, or graduating from, the JFK University College of Law may not allow a student to take the bar examination in other states or meet the legal practice requirements in other countries. If a student intends to seek admission to practice law in a state other than California, the student should contact the admitting authority in that state for information regarding the legal education requirements for admission to practice law.

Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership

John F. Kennedy University's Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (IEL) is an initiative designed to stimulate and scale up entrepreneurship and job creation at regional and national level, one student-entrepreneur and one business at a time. In collaboration with University Colleges and specialist business workshops and conferences, the IEL offers training courses and certificate programmes. Budding entrepreneurs have access to low-cost office space at the IEL 's Business Accelerator in Concord, along with a wide variety of support and mentoring programs through the Resident Entrepreneur programme. So far, the IEL has flourished over 85 student-led companies based in 12 states, generating 2013 revenues of about $1.1 trillion. With increasing corporate support and increased visibility in the business community, the IEL is poised to expand the number of entrepreneurs it supports, as it enters its fourth year of operation.

This amazing landmark in Pleasant Hill, California is located near some other must-see places of interest:

  • Pleasant Hill Library
  • Diablo Valley College
  • Paul Mitchell the School
  • Brookwood Park
  • Rodgers-Smith Park
  • Dinosaur Hill Park
  • Paso Nogal Park
  • Pleasant Hill Aquatic Park

All of these wonderful landmarks are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek California! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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