Lafayette Community Center

500 St Marys Rd, Lafayette, CA 94549, United States


Lafayette Community Center is a great location to exercise. It has a lot of shades and beautiful scenery.  Plus, the rest of the facility is great for family activities.

In 1983 the City acquired the Community Center from the board of Lafayette High School. This was a former primary school in Burton. The Community Center has 10 rooms that are of varying sizes and are used for a variety of recreational purposes. Examples cover courses, social gatherings, seminars, and meetings for all ages. Any of the rooms may be reserved on the weekends by the general public.

The primary aim of the Community Center is to house ongoing services and meetings within the City. We depend on one-time tenants to leave the facilities clean and without disruption to the other customers of the facilities that would follow.

Rental policies and guidelines have been established to remind us of the safety and upkeep of the Community Center. As a municipally run property, we have taken careful care to ensure that no lawsuits are made against the City that might result in the Community Center losing any of the City's managed services.

They have the following facilities:

  • Live Oak Room facilities: Sleeps 225 people. Adjacent to this space is the bathroom.
  • Jennifer Russell Building: sleeps 240 people. No kitchen is adjacent to this space but if open, the Live Oak Kitchen can be rented.
  • Sequoia Room: Sleeps 50 people. Carpeted base, and gas chimney. (No food or drinks allowed) Arts & Crafts Room: Sleeps 45 guests. Floor of linoleum, screen and shower.
  • Kitchen: Complete with refrigerator, fridge, ice maker, microwave, coffee pots, stove, ovens, sinks and counters. No utensils available to prepare or to eat.

Other Information:

  • Rental time must cover shipping, lighting, installation & clean-up.
  • Tariffs include workers at the City of Lafayette who will live on site for the whole leasing period.
  • Hourly prices for all services shall be used to determine the overtime.
  • In addition to rental fees (Refundable if no losses or infractions) security deposit and insurance are required.

Contact the Parks & Recreation office (925) 284-2232 to check the duration of the day outside normal operating hours and confirm the dates. Then complete a Rental Application and send it to the Community Center. Within three business days workers will review your application and email you. If accepted, they must collect a $100 deposit and validate your contract.

This amazing landmark in Lafayette, California is located near some other must-see places:

  • Cross of Lafayette Memorial
  • Lafayette Park Theater
  • The Lafayette Library and Learning Center
  • Oakmont Memorial Park
  • Lafayette Reservoir
  • Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa
  • Lafayette Veterans Memorial Center
  • Lafayette City Office

All of these wonderful locations are located just a short distance from our location at 1261 Locust Street in Walnut Creek California! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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