How Does A Coworking Space Work?



When large organizations buy-in to a new trend, internalizing the activity is their logical progression. Will we see Facility Managers and strategists at work building co-working environments within their own workspaces?  The most significant factor for success will be the opportunity to reproduce the coworking space atmosphere.

What shared spaces allow is true mobility and equality. The culture is conducive to the coordinated partnership and interactions that are genuinely organic. This is in one sense the importance of the coworking spaces. We encourage creativity by enabling a link and collaboration between different people with specific skills and talents.

But the other advantage is the fact that the idea of equality and versatility forms society. The genesis of the coworking spaces was focused on meeting the linking needs of small organizations and freelancers. Design is however just one factor. Culture is what makes coworking spaces special. Many companies may have similar office spaces but do not have a culture that encourages flexibility in getting up and moving or working with different departments.



The free-lance market is on the rise. Younger workers, such as Millennials or Gen Z, are finding themselves increasingly in freelancing work. There are currently 53 million freelance workers in the US. By the time we reach 2020, 50 percent of the American population will consist of freelancers (both full-time and part-time).

In addition, coworking spaces are useful for small organizations ranging from one to many workers, as well as serving a role for larger organizations pursuing innovation.

Layout and culture serve as an example for any company trying to develop and grow fresh ideas. It's no wonder we've heard a lot of buzz over these spaces in the last few years. You should probably expect to hear more and see more of these kinds of spaces emerging around you.


Should You Try Coworking?

If you're curious to try coworking, then the best thing you can do is just give it a shot. If you just want to go in, get your work done and leave and you're concerned about any social obligations: Don't be. It's like gymnastics.

Everybody is there to do a very specific task and nobody will bother you if you are in the field. If you're open to talk and get approached, you'll meet some great local entrepreneurs and build a community of coworking people.

If you feel stagnant in your business, your startup, your app, your blog, or anything else you're working on could be exactly what you need to get things going again.

Victory Workspace Walnut Creek Coworking Space
By JeffreymendelImage Courtesy of Jeffrey Nash - Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

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