How Can I Tell If A Flexible Workspace Is Right For Me?


5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing Flexible Workspace

Whether you're a big business, a small business or a freelancer, there's a variety of benefits to having from moving into a coworking or flexible workspace. But choosing the right space for your business is no easy task, and it often takes compromises. When you offer priority to what is most important to you, you are unlikely to go too far wrong – and the great news is that most coworking spaces are incredibly versatile! Here are 5 important items to remember.

  • Location

Note that your office place does not only suit your staff, but it should also suit your customers too. If you have workers commuting from all areas and you meet frequently with clients, your new coworking space will be close to public transport and somewhere that will give a good image of your business to potential customers!

Maintaining your workers satisfied would lead to higher productivity and lower workforce turnover. Wherever possible, the new office location will make it easy to get around, and it should feel like a nice neighborhood – with a selection of nice places to eat and some after-work drink bars.

  • Flexibility

There are hot tables, fixed tables or private offices, but these won't be the rule of all the coworking workplaces. Hot desks are great for freelancers; they allow you to network and are very cost-effective when you're not going to spend much time in the office. The downside is you won't have your own desk to call.

Another great option is a fixed desk but they're slightly less flexible. They encourage you to leave your stuff there overnight, however and make you feel more like a routine.

Private offices are also readily accessible and perfect if you would like to work together in harmony! These will be much more expensive but will allow your employees to make the most of everything that coworking spaces have to offer – without being disrupted by other businesses.

  • Cost

If you are a freelancer, a small business or a big company, the coworking space 's cost would be a factor. Most coworking spaces charge per desk every day, which is perfect if you're not going to be there every day or spend a lot of time working from home - but you're probably going to pay more every day than if you've got a 'set' desk. Although coworking spaces are usually very cost-effective, a comparison of the cost of your favorite spaces with others in the region is worthwhile.

  • Environment & Community

You'll spend a lot of time in the coworking space with others so it's worth checking that you'll get on with them! Do some spatial research on other firms. Most coworking spaces offer drinks or networking activities on Friday afternoon which can be a great way to meet people.

Make sure your new office has amenities and benefits that might be important to you and your employees, such as toilets, tea and coffee, bike storage or pet-friendliness! It can help make a fun, collaborative and successful environment.

  • Connectivity & Communications -the vitally important bit!

Fast and secure Wifi and Internet flexible workspace should be non-negotiable. There is no excuse for poor workspace software, and many freelancers are moving from coffee shops to coworking spaces to wifi and internet quality alone!

Check that not only is the Internet and connectivity fast and efficient, it's also stable. Many considerations include telephones, computers, printers, and photocopiers in conference rooms. Dealing with wifi problems isn't a good idea for everyone – at least 10 minutes into a company video call! When it comes to selecting the right coworking area, quality workspace software will top the list.

Victory Workspace Walnut Creek Coworking Space
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