Can A Virtual Office Be Used As A Registered Office?


A virtual office offers a number of benefits to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, especially those who are home-based or operate without commercial premises. One such advantage is that a virtual office can be used as a registered office, provided that the address complies with the legal requirements laid down. Using a virtual office as a registered office is a realistic and cost-effective solution for limited companies and LLPs, offering an opportunity to set up a respectable corporate image, keep home address information out of the public record, and meet the ever-changing needs of small businesses.

Most small businesses feel that they need a physical mailing address to sign their businesses. It gives them two options. The first is to use your home address. The second is to find a permanent office space with a physical address. Yet neither of them can be a good option.

There are three conditions for the designation of the registered office address of the client.

  1. The business must be in a position to receive correspondence at this address.
  2. It must be a real street address, that is, it can not be a PO Box.
  3. If the business does not use the property, it must have the written consent of the owner.

In light of this reasoning, it would appear that a company is allowed to use a virtual address as a registered office, provided that it meets the criteria stated above. The principal place of business of a corporation is the address where it carries out business activities primarily. It must also be a physical street address, but it would be difficult for a corporation to prove to ASIC that its business functions take place at the location of its virtual address. On that basis, it should be remembered that a virtual address is not appropriate to be used as the company's principal place of business.


What to look for at the Virtual Office.

Instead of registering their businesses with their home addresses or finding permanent office space, many small businesses choose to use a virtual office. In most instances, virtual offices are provided with a street address, for-service registration, mail routing, and other business services. In evaluating virtual office choices, small business owners should do the following:

  1. Legitimacy and sustainability of the product.

Verify that the virtual office company has been in operation for more than five years (not a fly-by-night service) and has reported customer reviews.

  1. Some share a virtual workplace.

Confirm how many other companies— and what types — are listed at the same address. In this situation, a small business reputation will not be compromised by sharing the same room with other businesses.

  1. Its SEO rank.

In addition to a street address, make sure you obtain a suite number. This is important if a company is to feature in Google My Business Listings.

  1. Digital receptionist, please.

In conjunction with the above, Google My Business Listings is also searching for offices that retain business hours. Virtual office rankings without a digital receptionist fail.

  1. Many programs and facilities.

Check what other business services are provided, such as mail receipts and routing, lobby greetings, and availability of coworking spaces, day offices, and reserved meeting rooms. We are often important as a business grows and expands.


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