7 Reasons COVID-19 Will Not be the Downfall of Coworking


We are going to face some hard months ahead as we navigate the great unknown. Will people choose to not work in coworking spaces? Yes. Will people suspend or terminate their membership and offices? Yes. Is this a recession? Quite possibly.

This, too, could just be our moment, the point of inflection, the catalyst for a major shift and the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Here’s why:

  1. The world has worked out they can function remotely thanks to COVID-19. They'll also find out this is not a viable option in the long run. We are social animals and we need community, we deserve community and we want it. You just can't, alone, get this house. People have got to have choices. Working from home can be one, and working in the office may be one, but we think remote workers would prefer coworking companies do not look to purchase properties, they would look for flexible options that their employees need. Therefore, for all CEOs globally the number one challenge is attracting and retaining talent.
  2. Corporations are going to need to give their employees options. The solution employees want is - coworking.
  3. We are witnessing an epidemic of global isolation. Sending people home to work is like pouring gas on a crisis that is already out of reach. Unfortunately, I think we'll see a rise in mental health problems not just because of COVID-19 worries but also because we've sent people home to function. The solution? Work in a community around humans. Enter coworking.
  4. Companies will look to a more dispersed workforce and do not want to have all their workers in one building or location. This would be a way to ensure that the next pandemic will protect your company and employees. Where do you send teams out to work? Coworking.
  5. We are headed towards the 4th Industrial Revolution that will radically change everything. What is driving that change? AI? Nope. IOT? Nope. Robots or machines? Nope. It’s the changing nature of work that is fueling this fire. The 4th Industrial Revolution is coworking.
  6. Recession. It's hard to believe that we can't get back on the ride we'd been enjoying the week before last. I realize we are going to see some big impacts on our economies because of COVID-19 for a number of reasons. The fall happened. Why can’t we make this the shortest recession of all time? We don’t know about you, but we are up for the challenge. We’re more equipped than ever to control our own destinies and make our own futures. Why? Because we’re choosing, in droves, to be independent. In addition, the vast majority of coworking spaces are run by hard-working small business owners. You know who lifts you out of a recession? We do, the hardest working people in America—the entrepreneurs.
  7. Go ahead call me a Pollyanna but I believe that humans are WAY (Yes, I’m yelling.) more resilient than we are given credit for in this world. We have a common problem which affects everybody in the world. A mutual enemy, if you so wish. We should stand up and help each other no matter what he or she is, share our achievements, weaknesses and how we cope. We should be of mutual support. We are all once innocent kids at heart and we all have something good inside. Let's just show it!
Victory Workspace Walnut Creek Coworking Space
By JeffreymendelImage Courtesy of Jeffrey Nash - Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

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