5 CRM Software Solutions You Should Check Out For Your Business 2020



Pike13 is a cloud-based software system for client management and scheduling that targets health and wellness clubs, fitness studios, music and dance studios. This system includes scheduling, billing, customer service, monitoring and more.

Pike13 lets users handle online reservations, customer sign-ups, monthly payment collections and customer alerts. This allows online purchases, discounts, vouchers, and credits. Control of payroll is also offered.

Pike13 offers functionalities in reporting and analytics to evaluate company data and patterns. Users can add new customer details, and use this method to manage customer relations. The user will add additional notes to his client profiles.

Pike13 is accessible through different devices and is compatible with the PCI DSS. It also combines email marketing with third-party applications such as MailChimp and Emma, smartwaiver for automation in sales and marketing and Google Analytics.

Services are provided on a monthly basis, which includes support through mobile, email and other online tools.


Salesforce is a CRM application that can be customized to evolve with you. Get customer information and behavior in one location in real time, plus feedback with the dashboards and reports. Link to thousands of company applications to extend the CRM across divisions. And opt for Salesforce Essentials to handle consumer relationships for small businesses and expand faster. For your company it is easy to set up, easy to use and grows. Use consumer feedback to smartly prioritize, and invest time where it counts.

Salesforce Pricing Overview

Salesforce pricing starts at $25.00 per month, per user.There is not a free version of Salesforce.Salesforce does offer a free trial.


Vtiger is an easy-to-use and customizable CRM leveraged by sales teams in more than 300,000 companies to improve revenue and sales efficiency. Vtiger adds value at all levels of the selling process by helping you catch and classify top leads, cultivating deals through automated email & SMS promotions, partnering with peers, measuring and predicting revenue, streamlining meetings, risk-taking spot deals, handling ideas & quotes, and eventually winning more deals.

Vtiger CRM Pricing Overview

Vtiger CRM pricing starts at $10.00 per month, per user.There is a free version of Vtiger CRM.Vtiger CRM does offer a free trial.


Zendesk provides the full services of a conventional CRM, but also provides a suite of support apps that allow each company to concentrate on one customer service feature. For organizations that want to bundle several Zendesk services, these can all be accessed under a single user interface. Notably, the Enterprise pricing plan contains the company's developer portal, Zendesk Sunshine, which can act as a complete CRM.

Zendesk applications are easy to integrate with other CRM devices, such as Salesforce, or web apps, including SurveyMonkey and MailChimp, as a result of this segmented suite of services.

Zendesk CRM services raft includes help, guide, speak, conversation and link. The first four are sold together as a packaged package that gives a company a simple customer service network. This software allows the company to handle ticket support and speak to customers in real time via a messaging app and mobile, or with an AI.


If your goals are versatility, usability, and almost infinite bandwidth, then Drupal can just be your CMS program.

To continue where it matters: Drupal isn't an out-of-the-box solution, ready to go download it the second time. If you want something that comes fully prepared like Hubspot CMS, you may find the initial hurdle rather overwhelming to get Drupal setup up.

Unless you plan on going it alone, it is definitely recommended that you have a strong working knowledge of coding. Otherwise, you'll need to collaborate with a developer.

Yet a lot of possibilities come along with that. You can set up Drupal just the way you need it. You can add features and scale Drupal to expand as your needs evolve thanks to the open-source framework. You don't have to install anything that you don't really need, keeping the user experience safe and straightforward.

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