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What Is Coworking?

At Victory Workspace, we believe that coworking is more than a shared building or a collection of services.

Coworking is a movement!

A movement that is bringing together like-minded professionals across the workforce in a supportive, communal setting stocked with all the benefits of a fully-furnished, professional office space without the heavy cost and commitment.

Victory Workspace provides an on-demand location for independent and mobile workers complete with office infrastructure and support services like printers, mail handling, high-speed internet access, and much more.

Coworking spaces are the perfect refuge for anyone looking to balance productivity, connectedness, and independence!

From freelancers to executives, artists, sales professionals and telecommuters, Victory Workspace provides the best of both worlds: a focused and fully-furnished business environment free of the distractions of a home office or coffee shop and an inspiring community where like-minded professionals can interact, network, and collaborate for the benefit of all!

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What Are The Benefits Of Coworking?

  • Improved Productivity

    As countless freelancers and small business owners have discovered, home offices are cheap and convenient but also highly isolating and full of distraction. Coffee shops are a temporary solution at best. Coworking offers a more inspiring environment with all necessary tools and amenities.

  • Workspaces Solved

    From our popular and affordable café-style open lounge to collaborative tables, private meeting rooms, dedicated desks with locked storage, and furnished offices available for short or long term rental, we have a business workspace solution that will be perfect for your needs!

  • Professional Business Address

    What is a business to do when it lives in the cloud, but they need a package delivered here on Earth? They rent a physical address at Victory Workspace! Our centers can safely and securely receive packages while providing your business with a respectable business address and facilities for face-to-face meetings with clients, customers, or prospective employees.

  • Services & Amenities

    Fast WIFI? Check. Power Outlets? Check. Networked printers/scanners/copiers? Check. Abundant coffee, snacks, filtered water, and an open kitchen at your disposal? Check, check, check, and check! If you need it, Victory Workspace has it.

  • Social & Professional Events

    Extended isolation is hard on even the most introverted workers. We offer open, communal workspaces and schedule weekly events to promote social interaction (“Happy Hour!”), lifelong education, professional development, and much more. All members are invited to attend!

  • Flexibility & Cost-Efficiency

    With membership starting at only a few dollars a day, our coworking environment is an extremely affordable and realistic solution for freelancers, small business owners, and displaced employees who may otherwise be unable or unwilling to put down roots in traditional business spaces.


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What People Are Saying

We're proud that our clients rave about us! That gives us the ultimate satisfaction that we're making a difference in their lives. Take a look at what's being said:

The shared office space is clean and appropriately quiet. My client and I were able to go through my 30 minute PowerPoint presentation and on-line video without interruption. The internet was fast and the video ran smoothly. And, we were able to discuss the details of my presentation in length.

Wade C.

I love Victory Workspace. I have rented space here for speaking engagements and it is a wonderful space with warm people greeting you. The front desk staff are really welcoming and I love that there is someone there to greet my guests.

Rebecca W.

Victory workspace sets the standard for shared  & private office space. The staff is delightful, the facilities are immaculate, there's plenty of private conference rooms for phone calls and depositions & conferences, and it's also got private office space as well as free coffee and lots of social events. What more could you ask for?

Richard S.

I've been a member of Victory Workspace since Jan 2018 and it's been a great experience! My staff and I love this place. The ability to work outside our main office is great as well as the events they host for networking and professional development. I couldn't work without this place and will continue to use Victory as long as I have a business.

Mike B.

I'm really happy I found this space. Noticing I get easily distracted working at home and I was maybe getting 4-5 hours of actual work done a day there. I thought I'd give this place a try and already I got more done in my first visit than I did in last two days at home. What a difference.

Michael L.

...I've had the pleasure to meet quite a few "coworkers" who have also worked out of this space during this time, and I've yet to meet someone who didn't enjoy the people or facilities. I'd definitely recommend Victory Workspace to anyone who is looking for a friendly, clean, and positive place to work in comfort and be productive!

Kevin C.



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